26/12/2017 00:01 GMT

'EastEnders' Spoilers: S Club 7's Hannah Spearitt Opens Up About Soap Role

She's playing Karen Taylor's younger, wealthier sister.

Former S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearitt has opened up about her forthcoming stint in ‘EastEnders’

The star is joining the BBC soap in a guest role as the wealthier sister of Karen Taylor, Kandice. 

Ahead of her first appearance on Wednesday’s (27 December) episode, Hannah admitted her storyline is perfectly pitched between the drama and suspense of the Branning family Christmas episodes, and the Aidan McGuire plot that will take centre stage at New Year. 

Hannah is playing Kandice Taylor

Speaking to HuffPost UK, she said: “It’s a really good time to be coming into ‘EastEnders’, all the storylines are heating up now. It couldn’t be pitched any better really, smack bang between Christmas and New Year, I love it. 

Of how the BBC soap compares to previous roles she has enjoyed on the likes of ‘Casualty’ and ‘Primeval’, Hannah continued: “The biggest thing is just how quickly they [soaps] do it. They churn out so much more footage per day, per week or whatever than, let’s say, when I was on ‘Primeval’. We would spend hours on a scene, take after take, the luxury! On something like ‘EastEnders’, it’s wham, bam, in the can.”

Kandice with niece Bernadette

Asked how her favourite female characters of ‘EastEnders’ history were, Hannah added: “I love Kat Moon. Strong, feisty, gorgeous, says it how it is. [She’s] just ‘EastEnders’. Loved her. I love Stacey, but she’s in it at the minute, fantastic actress.”

‘EastEnders’ airs Hannah’s first scenes as Kandice on Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.  

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