'EastEnders' Spoilers: Ian And Jane Beale To Split Following Bobby's Attack?

But Steven is on a mission to keep them together.

It looks like it could be curtains for one of 'EastEnders' most enduring couples next week, when Jane Beale decides to leave husband Ian.

The character, played by Laurie Brett, makes plans to leave the Walford businessman forever, following her brutal attack at the hands of step-son Bobby, which has left her unsure if she'll ever be able to walk again.

Is this the end of the road for Ian and Jane Beale?
Is this the end of the road for Ian and Jane Beale?

As the realisation that she and Ian (Adam Woodyatt) failed to protect Bobby from the truth that he killed sister Lucy, Jane prepares to leave Ian and move back to Birmingham with brother Christian.

Ian buries his head in the sand, devastated that Bobby's actions have ruined his marriage, and refuses to accept help from anyone.

Resigned to the fact Jane is leaving him, Ian turns away Lauren Branning, who wants him to get to know grandson Louie, and begins to pack up Jane's things.

However, he receives help from an unlikely source when estranged adopted son Steven decides to take control of the situation and help mend his broken family.

Steven tries to convince Jane to stay with Ian
Steven tries to convince Jane to stay with Ian

The recent returnee pays Jane a visit in hospital and begs for her to give Ian another chance, but given the pair's troubled history, will Jane listen to Steven?

Long-term fans of the BBC soap will remember that during his last stay in Walford, Steven shot Jane, leaving her unable to have children of her own.

He returned to the Square during last Friday's (27 May) episode, and it has since been revealed he and Lauren Branning have struck up a relationship, despite the fact when viewers last saw her, Lauren was with Steven's half-brother, Peter.

'EastEnders' airs these scenes on Friday 10 June at 8pm on BBC One.

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