19/04/2017 12:13 BST

'EastEnders' May Have Just Killed Off Lady Di As The Carter Family's Woes Mount

Nooooooooo 🐶

’EastEnders’ fans have been left fearing for one of Walford’s most-loved residents, after a ceiling collapsed on Lady Di. 

And for those wondering who Lady Di is, we’re talking about the Carter clan’s adorable pet pooch. 

Tuesday’s (18 April) episode of the BBC soap saw the cash-strapped family encounter more problems, when the kitchen ceiling that has been leaking for months, came crashing down. 

And to add to their worries, Lady Di just happened to be in the room when it collapsed, leaving her trapped underneath. 

As Shirley (Linda Henry) tried to clear some of the debris, she was heartbroken to find the dog lying lifeless under the rubble.

The kitchen ceiling finally gave way in the Queen Vic

While it certainly looked like she may have taken her last breath, even if she were to survive, any vets bills would place the family under even more financial strain, amid speculation they could lose the Queen Vic. 

Their problems began when Lee got himself into mountains of debut with pay day loans, before Linda’s mother fell ill in Spain and they were forced to cover her medical bills. 

Lady Di is much-loved by the Carter clan

Since then, it has become apparent there are structural problems with the pub that they can’t afford to fix, and Shirley was also forced to spend time in prison when they couldn’t cough up £20,000 to the authorities when it was uncovered Aunt Babe had been serving alcohol outside licencing hours. 

Both Mick and Linda Carter are currently off screen, with Kellie Bright on maternity leave and Danny Dyer taking an extended break from the soap. 

It was recently reported his return will see him clash with newcomer Woody Woodward (Lee Ryan), who was introduced last night as the new manager of the Vic

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