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'EastEnders' Spoilers: New Trailer Reveals 23 Very Exciting Plots Ahead In The Coming Weeks

It's all going on in Walford this spring.

‘EastEnders’ fans should brace themselves, as a new trailer for the soap suggests they are in for an explosive few weeks. 

The action-packed advert - released on Thursday (11 May) - teases plenty of upcoming storylines, and is so exciting that we’ve had to break it down just to get our heads around it. 

Here’s what to expect in Walford this spring...

1. Jack Branning is arrested for assaulting Charlie Cotton


It seems their battle over Charlie’s son with Jack’s late wife Ronnie is about to get nasty, which leads to...

2. Jack contemplates doing a runner with Matthew and the kids


Will Max pull off his plan to ruin his brother’s life? Speaking of which...

3. Max Branning’s plot to destroy Walford gathers pace


His mystery business partner is seen turning up on the Square while on the phone to someone, telling them: “So much paranoia. Nobody round here knows who I am.” Hmmm, just who is he?

4. Mick Carter’s back, and he’s onto Max


He is less than happy about the role Max played in getting Shirley to sign over the freehold of the Vic, telling him: “You’re a snake. Stay away from me.”

5. Tensions run high between Mick and Shirley


He seriously loses his cool with his mother, but then again, she did sell off his business without even consulting him. 

6. Will Mick cheat with Whitney?


The pub landlord tells his daughter-in-law he’s “missed” her, but there’s something about his tone which makes us think it’s not just as a mate. Although Whitney should probably watch her back, as...

7. Linda returns!


Hurrah! Actress Kellie Bright is back from maternity leave, and we couldn’t be happier about it. 

8. Whitney makes a pass at Woody Woodward


She tries to put her failed marriage to Lee behind her once and for all, but could Woody’s rejection drive her into Mick’s arms?

9. Kush Kazemi starts to bond with baby Arthur


The market trader finally spends some time with his son, who is being brought up as Martin Fowler’s. He’s seen sharing some advice with Arthur about women, so it seems we shouldn’t expect a reunion between him and Denise Fox any time soon...

10. Denise Fox hits rock bottom 


The former Minute Mart worker is forced to sign on and start using food banks, having packed her job in. And she’s set to be offered help from an unlikely place, as...

11. Cora Cross is back


Denise bumps into Tanya’s mum, who was last seen in 2015, having spent time living on the streets. But her life is now back on track, and she wants to help Denise do the same.

12. There’s some new faces in Walford 


Ted and Joyce Murray arrive in Albert Square, having spent years living in the tower blocks over-looking E20. But it appears they have some history with another new family in Walford...

13. The Taylors arrive 


Ted and Joyce are heard saying “it’s them”, as they spot new resident Karen Taylor brawling in the street.

It has only just been announced a new family will be joining the soap, but it looks like bosses were not joking when they said they would be trouble...

14. Stacey Fowler clashes with Karen


”I’ll hit you so hard you won’t be able to get up,” our Stace screams in the street. Not exactly a warm welcome to the neighbourhood, but we have to admit, we’ve missed feisty Stacey. 

15. Bex is pregnant!


Nuisance neighbours won’t be the only thing Stacey and Martin Fowler will have to worry about, as Bex is about to find out she is pregnant. But who is the father?

16. Josh continues his pursuit of Lauren Branning


Who knew that body was under that tweed jacket?

17. But is Steven Beale on to them? 


His suspicions about the pair are raised, and he starts tracking Lauren’s movements, as well as inviting Josh round for the most awkward dinner party ever. But his desire to keep Lauren begins to get to him...

18. Steven starts to unravel


We know Steven has struggled with his mental health in the past, but since returning to Walford last year, he seemed to have turned a corner.

However, things look set to get much darker for the character, who is not only continuing to put holes in condoms in an attempt to get Lauren pregnant, but is also heard admitting he is worried as he “know’s what he is capable of”. Someone may want to warn Abi Branning as...

19. Steven attacks Abi


We’re not sure how or why, but he’s seen throwing her against a wall in the restaurant kitchen.

20. Is Yolande Truman back for Patrick?


While we saw Yolande return for a small appearance earlier this year as one of the bosses at Minute Mart’s HQ in Birmingham, Patrick Truman’s ex wife will soon rock up in Walford. What will this mean for the former couple?

21. Robbie Jackson also returns


Sadly, there’s no Wellard in sight, but there is another Jackson back on the Square too... 

22. SONIA! 


She made a brief return last month as part of Bex’s bullying storyline, but Sonia looks set to make a full-time return to the Square, as actress Natalie Cassidy returns from maternity leave. 

23. Is this the ‘Ender the line for Dot?


The Walford legend is seen collapsing in her kitchen - will she be ok?

Watch the full trailer below and catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here

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