08/09/2017 20:37 BST

'EastEnders': Steven Beale Revealed As Character Who Dies, But Johnny Carter And Jane Beale Aren't Out Of The Woods Yet

It's been one hell of a week in Walford.

After a dramatic week of episodes, ‘EastEnders’ fans have finally found who dies - and it was bad news for the Beale family. 

Steven Beale was revealed as the character who lost their life, after he died of a haemorrhage in Friday’s (8 September) instalment of the BBC One soap. 

Steven died in Friday's 'EastEnders'

He was rushed to hospital following the restaurant fire, which he actually started earlier in the week in an attempt to kill step-mum Jane, and stop her revealing his and Max Branning’s secrets. 

In the moments before his death, Steven discovered Abi Branning was carrying his baby, after she fell pregnant during their affair behind her sister Lauren’s back. 

He even declared his love for Abi, despite their relationship being born out of his twisted attempts to stay with Lauren.

And while it looked like Jane may have also perished in the fire after Max left her for dead, she was rushed into Walford General at the end of the episode, much to the relief of Ian. 

Max's attempt to kill Jane didn't look to have paid off

Max was looking much more rattled though, as Jane had worked out his plan to destroy Walford and get revenge on the residents prior to being trapped in the fire. 

But that not is the only secret Jane will be sitting on if and when she comes round, as she also knows Steven was lying about having a brain tumour, and may also choose to reveal it was him who tried to kill her. 

Will she keep quiet about all the information she knows, or will Max get to her first?

It also looked touch and go for Johnny Carter throughout the episode, after it was revealed he and mum Linda were inside the ambulance that crashed at the end of Thursday’s instalment

Linda and Johnny were in the ambulance crash

Having also suffered a collapsed lung in the accident, he was airlifted to hospital, having previously been shot by Ted Murray.

The pensioner accidentally pulled the trigger on him while suffering from post traumatic stress, following the gas explosion on Albert Square.

However, something tells us Johnny is not out of the woods just yet...

Elsewhere in the episode, there was tragedy for the Taylor family after pregnant teen Bernadette miscarried her unborn baby. 

‘EastEnders’ airs the aftermath of all these events on Monday at 8pm on BBC One. 

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