'EastEnders': Silent Barmaid Tracey Has A Secret Superpower We Never Knew About

It seems she can teleport.

EastEnders’ silent barmaid Tracey has been a regular fixture in Walford for 32 years now, but it has taken us this long to realise she is in possession of special superpowers.

At least that’s the only explanation we can think of as to why the Jane Slaughter’s character appeared to be in two places at the same time during Tuesday’s (28 February) episode.

Barmaid Tracey was in two places at the same time on Tuesday's 'EastEnders'
Barmaid Tracey was in two places at the same time on Tuesday's 'EastEnders'

Tracey, who seemingly has the ability to teleport, was one of those who was seen rushing to the aid of Ian Beale, after he collapsed during a pancake race around Albert Square.

However, literally seconds before, she was seen inside the Queen Vic helping out Shirley Carter.


A couple of eagle-eyed fans picked up on the error on Twitter:

While Tracey has been in the soap for three decades, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that she had her first big part in a storyline.

She had a blast from the past in 2015 when she answered the phone at The Vic, to hear the voice of Kathy Beale, who had been presumed dead since 2006 at the time.

Tracey - unaware that Phil had been helping his ex - then revealed the news to Mick Carter, who then had to deal with the double shock of learning that Tracey actually had a voice box, and the fact that Ian Beale’s mum was still alive.

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