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‘EastEnders’ Fans Given Rare Chance To Meet Cast At Elstree Meet And Greet

And it's all for a good cause.

‘EastEnders’ fans are being given a rare chance to meet the soap’s cast at the famous Elstree studios, which is home to Albert Square.

Fans who want to bag a ticket will have to raid the piggy bank though, as tickets cost £212 each, though the money is going to a worthy cause.

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The 'EastEnders' cast

The event will take place on Sunday 26 June, and fans can book a two-hour slot to spend time with their favourite members of the cast.

Sadly, fans won’t be able to catch a glimpse of their Square itself, but who needs that when you can have your own chat with Danny Dyer?

Slots can be booked via SeeTickets, and all funds raised are helping one of the soap’s crew, who was diagnosed with a tumour while 20 weeks pregnant (via Digital Spy) and needs a £30,000 operation in Germany.

The crew members, who does not wish to be named, tells Digital Spy: "I was told to terminate my pregnancy for an emergency operation to remove the tumour. I refused and got to 30 weeks. My son was born at 3lb10oz but was fine.

"I had the op two weeks after and was unsuccessful, all that was offered was chemotherapy. I had a lot of hideous chemotherapy and it did nothing, was very ill throughout and then found out chemotherapy doesn't work on my sort of tumour.

"I then had a private procedure to 'microwave' and kill the cells and was told it was successful, but it wasn't. There is nothing else this country can offer me - I am on injections to stabilise the size, but they won't work forever.

"We researched so much and came across a surgeon in Germany who we have met with twice that is 80% certain he can perform this operation and redirect the veins that caused such a huge issue in my first surgery. This operation is nearly £30,000. This operation is extremely high risk but the only way to remove it and live a full and happy life."

The meet and greet is being organised by the soap’s cast, and not the BBC. Buy tickets here.

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