11 Eco-Friendly Gifts That Encourage A Sustainable Lifestyle

We found cheap eco-friendly gifts for folks who don’t know where to start when it comes to sustainability.

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Useful sustainable gifts for even the most reluctant of recyclers.
Useful sustainable gifts for even the most reluctant of recyclers.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Repeat. This motto is ingrained into some of us just like the “Baby Shark” song is ingrained into many of today’s children (and their parents).

Sure, it can be tiresome to hear time and time again despite the good use of alliteration. But it’s also the rhyme and reason for keeping our earth as clean and green as possible.

Not everyone, however, is as tuned into reusing and recycling. Some need a little nudge towards living a more sustainable lifestyle. But where to begin?

With this in mind, we’ve sourced some top gifts for all of your family members and friends who just don’t know where to start when it comes to making small sustainable tweaks to their lifestyle.

Below, the most sustainable gifts for even the most reluctant:

A travel mug that looks as sustainable as it is
Your friend likely already has a travel mug for their morning drink of choice , but do they have one that they actually want to use? The Welly Tumbler is vacuum insulated and features a wide mouth and double wall keeping tea hot and cold brew and smoothies cold. The natural bamboo exterior is eco-friendly, and Welly donates 3% of sales to clean water projects worldwide. At the very least, it’s a purchase you can feel good about. Get it on Amazon.
A way to ditch the plastic wrap
For your friend who typically packs lunches every day, this three-pack of Bee’s Wrap will change the amount of plastic wrap he or she uses daily. Great for sandwiches, cut up veggies or sliced fruit, this natural alternative to plastic bags is washable and compostable. It’s made of organic cotton and harvested beeswax for a pliable feel and texture. Get them on Amazon.
A set of metal straws so they can enjoy their drink sustainably
We all know we should ditch plastic straws for good, and it might come sooner than we think. More cities are banning the distribution of plastic straws from major restaurants and fast food chains. So what’s an iced coffee drinker to do? Join the reusable metal straw bandwagon, of course. This set includes four straight straw and three bent straws along with two cleaning brushes and a handy little storage case so your friend can throw it into their purse or work bag without much thought. Get this set on Amazon.
A handy solution so they always have a bag at the checkout line
How many times have you gotten to the checkout line only to remember that you left your reusable bags in the car or, worse yet, at home entirely? Chances are your recycling newbie pal has done this too. The ChicoBag Micro Tote Bag clips onto keys or the side of a purse so you’ll never leave home without it. A simple answer, yet a sustainable one. Get it on Amazon.
A little something for your makeup savvy girlfriend
If you had to guess, how much money do you spend on makeup wipes per year? Now think about how many makeup wipes you’ve thrown away in the trash. Yikes! Give the gift of clean skin with The Original MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth. This polyester-blend cloth is machine washable and can last up to five years. To use, just add warm water and gently wipe your face. Waterproof makeup and mascara is removed easily and, may we add, without creating waste. Get it at Sephora.
And something for the guy who is always clean shaved
Disposable razors are something we all grew up with. We bought them. We used them. We threw them away. But in light of new reports showing that more than 163 million consumers used disposable razors in 2018, many are switching to decompostable, biodegradable razors because they are better for the environment and the planet. The Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Razor from Bambu has a 100% bamboo handle and stainless-steel parts. Better still, you can try out a razor subscription service like Harry’s or Billie that’ll send you replacement heads. Just be sure to help your recycling novice friend read up on ways to recycle those old razor heads when their new ones arrive. Get this bamboo razor on Amazon.
Let them stash everything in these cult-favorite reusable bags
Plastic baggies are a staple, and are often underappreciated. We use them to store snacks and to carry travel-sized bottles for the airplane. Once your friend tries Stasher bags, however, their daily use of plastic baggies will be a thing of the past. Stasher bags are safe to use in the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher. You can even put them in boiling water. The sandwich-size bag is the perfect way to carry everything from leftovers to cosmetics. Get them on Amazon.
A sleek, insulated water bottle for on-the-go needs
A water bottle is arguably one of the few things you shouldn’t leave the house without. But why give a plain one when you could give one with some added style and flair? The HYDY water bottle is just that. It’s vacuum-insulated so it keeps drinks cold, but also has an eco-friendly plastic-free colored silicone layer to protect the bottle’s exterior from scratches. The HYDY will inspire compliments from coworkers and help your gift recipient be a little more green. Get one on Amazon.
The sustainable picnic-perfect, or lunch-ready cutlery set
One-hundred million. That’s how many plastic utensils are used every day in the U.S. We may all agree this number is astounding, but there is a way to reduce it. This eight-piece, 100% natural bamboo utensil set includes your basic cutlery needs as well as chopsticks, cleaning brush and a handy travel pouch. Pair this with the set of metal straws we mentioned earlier and your friend will be well on their way to being more eco-friendly. Get this cutlery set on Amazon.
A phone case that’s made from plants
That’s right: The Pela phone case is eco-friendly and durable, too. Each phone case is 100% compostable and made from plants — just simply send it back to the company when you upgrade to a new phone, and they’ll do the composting for you. Get it on Amazon.
And — if all else fails — a gift that gives back to Mother Earth
The Sill
Sometimes recycling is easier said than done. And if your friend is still feeling that way, this assortment of succulents from The Sill will cheer them up and brighten any barren windowsill, countertop or desk. Because at the end of the day, a green plant is adding something to the planet too. Get this assortment of succulents from The Sill.