Edible Anus Chocolate Shaped Like A Human Heiney

Edible Anus, Finally!

Can something so tasteless possibly taste good?

That's the question people are no doubt asking regarding "Edible Anus," a line of chocolates from Great Britain that, true to its name, come in the shape of an anus.

Each box comes three tush truffles -- in white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Luckily, no one has thought about putting crisped rice in the center.

The company's website, which has been down because of capacity problems, claims that each of the anus-shaped confections were "crafted from the delectable posterior of our stunning butt model." MSNnow.com reports, however, that there is no photo of the model on the site.

There's no doubt the makers of the cheeky chocolates knew they were going to be the butt of a lot of jokes. Still, company reps have yet to respond to HuffPost interview requests.

The website suggests that the chocolatiers believe "the anus [chocolate] range can dissolve cultural boundaries of race, gender, class and sexual orientation," DesignTaxi.com reported.

Boxes sell in Britain for around $6.24, and they will s**t, er, ship to the U.S. as well. The company also sells T-shirts, coffee mugs featuring the image of the sweets, as well as a limited edition solid silver anus for just $450 plus postage.

As HuffPost UK points out, the website rather optimistically says: "Watch Grandma's face light up as she unwraps a homely selection of chocolate cracks."

The chocolate butts may be part of a larger trend of tasteless candies.

Lollyphile, the lollipop company that has previously brought us pops in such flavors as sriracha, recently unveiled a new flavor: breast milk.

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