Elderly Man's 'Beautiful Display Of Love' Captures Hearts Across The Globe

The tender moment an elderly man spoon-fed his wife ice cream during a heatwave has been captured on camera.

The photo was taken by Brent Kelley, a pastor from Nashville, Tennessee, who had stopped to get his children ice cream on a particularly hot day.

As he was about to leave the car park, he spotted the elderly man sitting with his car door open. He had draped a towel over his wife so the ice cream wouldn’t drip on her clothes and was gently spoon-feeding her.

Kelley shared a photo of what he called “a beautiful display of love” on Facebook, where it’s been shared more than 275,000 times and liked 360,000 times.

The touching photo of the unidentified couple, who Kelley estimates are in their late eighties, has captured hearts across the globe.

Beryl Frasier commented on the picture: “This is so precious. True love.”

Shelly Jackson added: ”That’s the kind of love everybody deserves... Amazing.”