These People Got Dressed Up To Have The Vaccine And It's The Energy We Need

The over 80s are true style icons.

It’s the biggest event of the season: leaving home after months on end to get a long-awaited coronavirus vaccine. And those called up first – the majority of whom are over the age of 80 – are celebrating in style.

People have been sharing stories and photos of their parents, grandparents and neighbours getting dolled up to the nines to visit their local vaccine centre.

Following in the footsteps of Margaret Keenan – who dressed up in a sparkly Christmas t-shirt when she was the first person vaccinated in December – some have opted to wear their favourite dress, jewellery, or suit for the occasion.

One 84-year-old even opted to try out her new Fenty lipstick (yes, even under a face mask). And after the week of Covid news we’ve had in the UK, these are the stories we want to hear.

There were some fabulous coats...

Look at that sparkly necklace!

Hair is important, too

Plus, a full suit – we’re impressed

Oh, and a test-run of a new lipstick

It’s making everyone feel cheery

The excitement is so contagious, friends and family got dressed up, too

Elsewhere, vaccine receivers have been celebrating in other ways... with food

Back in the UK, Rose Lodge Care Home in Peterborough threw a fun party on vaccination day

And this 101-year-old, proudly wearing her vaccination sticker, opted for the most fitting beverage of all...

Those separated from loved ones have celebrated the only way they can

It’s all the joy we need right now.