Eletrunks Pants Save Men From The Embarrassment Of Publicly Readjusting 'The Goods'

'The stealthiest pair of undies you will ever own.'

A solution to the age old problem of how to adjust yourself when in public is finally in hand.

Behold Eletrunks, the pants that bestow the wearer with the power of a “ninja adjuster”, by literally allowing them to subtly “elevate their manhood” without reaching below the belt.

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Eletrunks founder, Michael Walker, from New York City, US, was inspired to make these kecks because he couldn’t find any underwear that didn’t “compromise the comfort of his family jewels”.

He explains how the pants work on the Eletrunks website: “Your manhood goes into the pouch, keeping it away from your legs.

“When you need to readjust, you simply use the patented ‘Lifter,’ a string that attaches from the waistband to the bottom of the pouch, and it elevates your entire manhood.”

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“I haven’t stopped laughing since it’s inception,” Walker told Mashable.

“Nearly every time I tell people what I’m doing they say laugh, followed by, ‘yesss!’ Needless to say, the overwhelming positive response motivates me to move forward.”

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You can get an idea how it works in the video below.

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Walker also let slip that he’s currently taking ideas for a “bra-version”, so watch this space.