02/05/2017 11:39 BST

Elon Musk Has A Solution To Traffic Jams And It's Absolutely Incredible

This is so bonkers it could actually work.

Elon Musk hates traffic jams. We all hate traffic jams.

Unlike us though, Elon Musk is a billionaire genius who has the ability to actually do something about this. Here’s his vision:

Having already paraded the enormous hole he’s drilling in his backyard Musk’s tunnelling company has revealed a video showing what it believes could be the answer to all our problems.

A vast network of subterranean tunnels underneath Los Angeles that takes a car, places it on a powered sled and then rockets it at around 130mph towards set exit points dotted around the city.

Cars can enter or exit the automated system from roads up on the surface using a series of elevators.

The Boring Company

Now normally we’d suggest that you take this idea with a large dose of cynicism but considering a few technical drawings led to the current Hyperloop craze that’s taking place there’s a not-unlikely chance that Musk could eventually convince the city to build this.

Musk has been saying since he announced he was building a tunnel that the only way for cities like LA to combat their traffic problems is to go underground.

Rather than going down the flying drone route, Musk suggested that a vast network of underground tunnels could help alleviate the strain on current surface road systems.

With Tesla set to release its brand-new ‘affordable’ Model 3 later this year and the company’s solar efforts going into overdrive it might be a while before we start seeing anything concrete on this project. Fingers crossed though.