Elton John Tells Overzealous Fan To ‘F*** Off’ Before Storming Off Stage

Can you feel the love tonight? Errm, no.

Elton John has vowed never to get up close and personal with fans ever again after things got too close for comfort during one of his gigs in Las Vegas.

The singer ended up telling a fan to 'f*** off' before storming off stage during a performance in Sin City, where he currently has a residency.

As part of the performance for his classic hit 'Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)', a series of fans were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to join the star on stage.

However, one excitable fan couldn't resist trying to touch the star, and despite Elton telling him to stop, he continued.

Eventually, Elton had enough and walked off stage at The Colosseum as the stunned audience looked on.

The crowd that had been invited on stage returned to their seats, but the fan in question wasn't so lucky and was escorted from the venue following the incident.

Elton eventually returned once the crowd had cleared but he announced that he would no longer be inviting fans on stage, telling the audience: "You f***ed it up."

This isn't the first time the 70-year-old star has had to deal with disruption on stage during his Las Vegas residency.

The singer thought he'd lost a tooth after another fan threw beads at him during a performance.

Still, Elton won't have to put up with any on-stage shenanigans for much longer as he's just announced his retirement from touring after 50 years.

The 'Rocket Man' revealed the news in January, explaining that he will go on one, final three year tour, which starts this September.


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