21/05/2019 08:59 BST

Game Of Thrones: Emilia Clarke Reveals What She Would Have Changed About The Final Season

Her comments came after over 1 million people signed a petition to have the series remade.

As Game Of Thrones fans the world over are split on how the events of the final season played out, Emilia Clarke has revealed what she would have changed about the controversial episodes. 

The actor, who played Daenerys Targaryen, spoke amid growing calls for the final series to be remade, after a fan petition gathered over a million signatures. 

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Emilia Clarke

In an interview with the New Yorker, Emilia said: “Well, I can only speak to my own character, and the people that I interact with on the show. But I would’ve loved some more scenes with me and Missandei.

“I would’ve loved some more scenes with me and Cersei. I would’ve loved some more scenes between Grey Worm and Missandei. I would’ve loved to see a bit more between Cersei... I feel like there was... The genocide was there. That was always going to happen.”

She continued: “And I just think more dissection and those beautifully written scenes that the boys have between characters — that we are more than happy to contently sit there and watch ten minutes of two people talking, because it’s beautiful.

“I just wanted to see a bit more of that.”

Emilia played Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series

The Change.org petition, which calls for the last season to be remade with “competent writers”, was set up after the penultimate episode, which saw Daenerys’ decision to torch the city of King’s Landing. 

Many fans claimed it was a betrayal of her character, and prior to the final episode airing in the UK on Monday night, the petition had gathered over 1.1 million signatures.

In the same interview, Emilia also admitted she thinks famous Game Of Thrones fan Beyoncé will “hate” her, following the turn of events for her character in the dramatic last episode. 

Ahead of the finale’s debut in the US on Sunday night, Emilia paid tribute to Daenerys, writing: “This woman has taken up the whole of my heart. 

“I’ve sweated in the blaze of dragon fire, shed many tears at those who left our family early, and wrung my brain dry trying to do Khaleesi and the masterful words, actions (and names) I was given, justice.

“Game of Thrones has shaped me as a woman, as an actor and as a human being. I just wish my darling dad was here now to see how far we’ve flown.”

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