'Emmerdale' Spoilers: Soap Boss Reveals Plans For Standalone Aaron Dingle Episode

It follows the success of the soap’s recent standalone Ashley Thomas episode.

‘Emmerdale’ boss Iain McLeod has revealed plans for a standalone episode, focusing on Aaron Dingle’s time in prison.

Fans of the ITV soap know the character will be sentenced to 12 months inside in scenes to air next week, following a brawl with Kazim.

And while characters usually disappear from our screens during their time behind bars, producers have promised we will see lots what life is like for Aaron after being sent down.


Speaking about a special episode in particular, executive producer Iain teased: “I can tell you among other things what we’ve got coming up is a really special stand alone type episode which will be a but like a day in the life of Aaron Dingle - convict.

“I’ve yet to see it but the scripts were really fantastic. I say it’s about a day in the life of Aaron, but it’s as much as a day in the life of that family, what’s it like for somebody who’s loved their husband to prison, what’s it like for Liv losing her older brother/father figure to prison. What’s it like for Chas?

“We thought we’d do something because it’s quite topical as well in that there’s a lot of news issues around prison and prison life and the kind of challenges people face in prison so we just thought it was a really good opportunity to explore some of that using a really well liked group of characters.”

Iain added the episode will air in “the not too distant future”, and follows the success of the soap’s recent standalone Ashley Thomas episode, which depicted what life is like for a dementia sufferer and won huge critical acclaim.

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Before Aaron is sent down, viewers will see his fiancé Robert Sugden surprise him with a wedding ceremony in The Woolpack on Monday (20 February).

However, it remains to be seen whether the couple will manage to get hitched before Aaron’s sentencing.

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Emmerdale's Robron Wedding


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