Emmy Awards Oops: Academy Omits 'Big Bang Theory' Nomination

Changes to the Television Academy’s rules may have led to the confusion.

"The Big Bang Theory", CBS' juggernaut comedy about science geeks, received two Emmy nominations, the Television Academy announced on Thursday morning.

Oh, wait! Make that three nominations.

The Academy later released a statement acknowledging that its original announcement left out one of the show's major nominations, per The Hollywood Reporter.

"Voting in the Emmy category of Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series resulted in seven nominees," the TV Academy stated. "One of the nominees, 'The Big Bang Theory's' episode 'The Bow Tie Asymmetry', directed by Mark Cendrowski, was inadvertently left off various Television Academy communications platforms during today's nomination activities."

The original announcement included the show's nominations for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy and Outstanding Technical Direction Camerawork Video Control for a Series, Variety reported.

After last year's Emmys, the Academy changed the rules in the comedy directing category, per The Hollywood Reporter. Now there must be at least one nominee from a multi-camera show and one from a single-camera show. The six nominees for comedy directing that were originally announced were all single-camera shows. "The Big Bang Theory" is a multi-camera production.

Overall, "The Big Bang Theory" has won 10 Emmys, with four going to Jim Parsons in the Lead Actor in a Comedy Series category.


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