14 Tweets That Sum Up The Emotional Pain Of Renting In London

The Hunger Games is nothing compared to this.

With extortionate prices, unscrupulous landlords and mouldy bathrooms to contend with, London’s generation rent really have drawn the short straw.

These 14 tweets sum up our feelings about being renters in the capital.

1. Looking for a bargain on the property market.

2. Dealing with estate agents and landlords.

3. Accepting you probably need to lower your standards.

4. Like, really lower.

5. Wondering how much you could get on the black market for a kidney.

6. And then of course there are the never-ending admin fees.

7. Trying to find new housemates to cut down the costs.

8. Getting housemates, but they won’t be paying any rent.

9. Generally relishing your cosmopolitan lifestyle in the big city.

10. Considering realistic alternatives.

11. There is always the north?

12. Knowing that if you decided to leave you’ve got to try and get your deposit back...

13. The struggle is too real.

14. Moving back in with your parents and regressing to your 14-year-old self.

This is fun.