08/09/2016 16:26 BST

How To Cope With End Of Summer Sadness

Bring on Autumn 🍂 🎃 🌰

The evenings may be growing shorter, but don’t be sad about the end of summer.

There’s a few things you can do to beat the end of season slump and embrace Autumn with open arms:

1. Mark up your calendar full of (indoor) activities so you look forward to the passing weeks.

2. Use the opportunity to reset at work, think of it as a new school term and impress your boss to the max. 

3. Take your mind off of the end of summer by doing some soul searching, rediscover your passions and get creative.

4. Book a whole day off from work to snuggle at home. A dreary afternoon is the perfect excuse for a relaxing duvet day.

If all else fails, book next year’s holiday. The end of summer won’t feel so bad after all. 

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