16/01/2017 21:35 GMT

Legendary Eric Monkman Takes On Sassy Joey Goldman In Ultimate University Challenge Showdown

But who was victorious in the battle of the brainiacs?

It was a battle of the super brains on University Challenge last night when everyone’s favourite Roy Cropper lookalike Eric Monkman took on the quiz show’s sassiest contestant Joey Goldman. 

The two captains barely allowed their teammates from Wolfson College Cambridge and Balliol College Oxford the chance to answer in the quarter final match, tripping over each other to buzz in for the starter questions.  

Goldman v Monkman: The ultimate battle 

Viewers quickly realised it was a battle of (super) heroic proportions: 

But, as with all epic battles, there can only be one victor: 

Despite a nail-bitingly close match, Monkman and Wolfson College triumphed 165 points to 135 - much to the joy of Monkman’s massive fan base. 

“Prediction: 2017’s most popular baby name will be Monkman,” one viewer tweeted. 

“The man, the myth, the legend,” another added. “Monkman forever.” 

Luckily for Goldman and his Balliol teammates, they have another shot at reaching the semi-finals.