16/05/2020 08:22 BST

Eurovision Quiz: Can You Sort The Former Acts From The Imposters?

Put your knowledge of the Song Contest to the test.

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If there’s one thing Eurovision is good for, it’s bringing a good old spectacle to viewers tuning in around the globe. Over the years, the Song Contest has given us a plethora of crazy stunts, outlandish costumes and truly unforgettable acts.

But looking back over its 64-year history - just how unforgettable are they?

The competition might not be happening this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get in the spirit – and to put your knowledge to the test, we’ve picked eight of the most unusual Eurovision acts ever, and mixed them in with a few who might look the part, but never actually appeared on the competition stage.

How many can you name? Take our “Eurovision Or Imposter” quiz below:

  • Bucks Fizz from Britain, 1981
    Bucks Fizz from Britain, 1981
    Photoshot via Getty Images
    All the (primary) colours of the rainbow. 
  • Verka Serduchka from Ukranie, 2007
    Verka Serduchka from Ukranie, 2007
    SVEN NACKSTRAND via Getty Images
    Disco ball-meets-WW2 garrison caps. We'll be in the bunker.
  • D'Nash from Spain, 2007
    D'Nash from Spain, 2007
    SVEN NACKSTRAND via Getty Images
    This is 10 years too late to even be acceptable, guys.
  • Jedward from Ireland, 2011
    Jedward from Ireland, 2011
    Sean Gallup via Getty Images
    That hair. 
  • Jedward again, 2012
    Jedward again, 2012
    Pablo Blazquez Dominguez via Getty Images
    Back again, in silver armour. 
  • Ruslana from Ukraine, 2004
    Ruslana from Ukraine, 2004
    Christopher Furlong via Getty Images
    Ruslana: "So there's this TV show called "Xena: Warrior Princess'..."

    Costumer: "Say no more."
  • Scooch from Britain, 2007
    Scooch from Britain, 2007
    HEIKKI SAUKKOMAA via Getty Images
    Britney's Toxic costume went to Butlin's and it didn't quite come back the same person.
  • Abba from Sweden, 1974
    Abba from Sweden, 1974
    Imagno via Getty Images
    Velvet, yaaas. Ruffles, yaaaaas. Chained shoulder pads, YAAAAS.
  • Eric Papilaya from Austria, 2007
    Eric Papilaya from Austria, 2007
    Johannes Simon via Getty Images
    Is this some kind of metaphor? The Austrian singer rising like a sequined phoenix out of the flaming ashes of dead dancers? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
  • Naviband from Belarus, 2017.
    Naviband from Belarus, 2017.
    NurPhoto via Getty Images
    Just a lot of lace. 
  • Yohanna from Iceland, 2009
    Yohanna from Iceland, 2009
    Oleg Nikishin via Getty Images
    Frozen before Frozen was even Frozen.
  • Jordan from Britain, 2005
    Jordan from Britain, 2005
    Ok so technically she didn't make it through to the actual show, but Jordan - aka Katie Price's bid for Eurovision glory in a latex catsuit with sparkly corset while heavily pregnant is TV history.
  • Joci Papai from Hungary, 2017.
    Joci Papai from Hungary, 2017.
    Michael Campanella via Getty Images
    Is a red bull near?
  • Nina Kraljic from Croatia, 2016
    Nina Kraljic from Croatia, 2016
    Vyacheslav Prokofyev via Getty Images
    So metallic. So futuristic. 
  • Sakis Rouvas from Greece, 2004
    Sakis Rouvas from Greece, 2004
    Simon Cowell prepares his imaginary friends for attack.