17/05/2016 11:56 BST | Updated 17/05/2016 12:01 BST

Eurovision 2016: Danish Jury Member Gave Out Completely The Wrong Scores After Voting Mix Up

'It is my great mistake and I admit it honestly...'

The new Eurovision scoring system may have made for one of the most tense finals in recent memory, but it appears it proved a bit too complicated for one of the jury members.

Each juror was supposed to rank all 26 entries from one to 26, with one being their favourite and 26 being their least. 

However, it has transpired that Danish juror Hilda Heick got a little bit mixed up while dishing out her points to all the acts during Saturday night's (14 May) show.

Vyacheslav Prokofyev via Getty Images
Ukraine entrant Jamala won Eurovision with her song '1944'

In fact, she ended up doing dishing out her points in the completely wrong way, giving Ukraine 12 points instead of the nul points she intended.

Her mistake also meant that Australia's entry didn't get the 12 points she had meant to award them, instead having to settle for 10.

The UK's entry actually benefited from her mix up, after being awarded three points instead of zero. 

The Australian entry didn't receive the right amount of points from Denmark 

Explaining her error to bt.dk, Hilda said: "It is my great mistake and I admit it honestly, but I want to emphasise that I am not senile yet, although several write on Facebook that I should retire and keep me away from everything, and that I don't know anything."

However, Hilda's misunderstanding of the new scoring system would not have affected the final result, which saw Ukraine crowned the winner, with Jamala's song '1944'

The Head of Entertainment at DR (Denmark's Radio), Jan Lagermand Lundme, added: "An independent auditor from Deloitte briefed the Danish jury members for half an hour about how they should do. 

"He has been responsible for this briefing the past decade. But in this situation it does not matter, because it didn't influence the final result according to our calculations."

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