Experts Predict Which Baby Names Will Be Popular In 2024

Parents are more likely to choose these names next year based on recent trends and Social Security Administration data.
Parents continue to experiment with modern twists on classic names and trendy vowel sounds.
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Parents continue to experiment with modern twists on classic names and trendy vowel sounds.

In recent years, we’ve seen baby names like Dutton, Love and Raya get a boost in popularity. But which names can we expect more parents to choose for their babies in the future?

As we approach a new year, we asked baby name experts to share the names they believe will become more popular in 2024. Read on for their predictions and explanations of the appeal.


“Margot is the vintage-chic girl name that really has a hold on parents right now — it’s the name on every influencer’s lips — and forward-thinking parents are on the hunt for what’s next,” baby naming expert and Nameberry editor-in-chief Sophie Kihm told HuffPost. “The answer is Cleo, which shares Margot’s stylish O-ending and traditional roots. Many associate Cleo with Cleopatra, which gives the name a strong, heroic, and decidedly feminist feel.”

She noted that Cleo was one of the fastest-rising names of 2022. According to the Social Security Administration’s data, Cleo jumped up 130 spots on the popularity list between 2021 and 2022.

“It’s also gaining ground in the U.K., which tends to be a good predictor of future trendy names in the U.S.,” Kihm added.


“Thanks to a mix of high-profile birth announcements, Bear has been catching on since the early 2000s,” said Abby Sandel, creator of the baby name blog Appellation Mountain. “But now it’s set to become a mainstream favorite.”

She pointed to the popularity of the Hulu show “The Bear” and the series’ protagonist, the ambitious chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto.

“Bear could be the next Khaleesi,” Sandel said.


“I see Ophelia rising fast for girls,” said Jennifer Moss, founder of “Olivia has been in the Top 10 for awhile, and I think people are looking to Ophelia as a not as common replacement for Olivia.”

The name only just re-entered the SSA Top 1,000 in 2015, more than 50 years after dropping off the list, and today ranks at No. 272.

“It’s gone up more than 100 spots in the last five years, and that’s kind of a clear indicator that something is gaining popularity quickly ― how fast it’s jumping up the charts,” Moss said.


“An unconventional name in a relatively conventional package is a recipe for success,” said Sherri Suzanne, a baby name consultant and the founder of My Name for Life. “Like many stylish names in the 21st century, Rhodes began as a surname. It has qualities of other well-accepted names like Hayes and Brooks.”

Last year, Rhodes entered the SSA Top 1,000 list for the very first time after rising 121 spots from No. 1,043 to No. 922.

“It has positive associations, such as the celebrated Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University and the Colossus of Rhodes statue in Ancient Greece, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” Suzanne added.


“I strongly believe Elodie is poised to capture hearts in 2024, embodying a perfect blend of elegance and strength,” said name consultant Lilia E. Corrigan of Heartbabynames. “This name’s timeless grace appeals to parents seeking names that transition seamlessly from babyhood to adulthood, reflecting a desire for sophistication.”

She believes Elodie has a “soft yet striking” feel and melodic sound that make it a distinctive choice with an aura of individuality.

“Elodie’s gentle, nurturing sound further contributes to its appeal in an era where parents seek names that embody warmth and versatility,” Corrigan added.


“Renzo is the name that has everything,” Kihm said. “The ‘ren’ syllable is the sound of the moment.”

She pointed to Wrenlee, the fastest-rising name for girls in 2022, and to the unisex name Wren, which Chrissy Teigen and John Legend chose for their second son.

“And the ‘zo’ ending is modern and energetic, international and accessible, featured in rising names like Enzo and Kenzo,” Kihm added. “Renzo combines these trends in a single name, one that’s been relatively under-the-radar until now. Parents searching for an eye-catching boy name that can travel easily between cultures will be charmed by Renzo in 2024.”


“This intriguing name first spiked in 2021, following the release of the first ‘Enola Holmes’ movie on Netflix, starring Millie Bobby Brown,” Sandel said.

The titular protagonist offers some insight into the name’s appeal.

“The character explained that Enola is alone spelled backwards, and her mother chose it as a reminder to value independence,” Sandel added. “That’s a great take on this name. It’s vintage, heavy on vowels, and back in the spotlight following last year’s ‘Enola Holmes’ sequel.”


“I believe Apollo will be one of the big rising baby names for boys,” said Heidi Prunkl, a name consultant and founder of Baby Name Sunday. “Since Atlas has dominated the mythology world of names this year for boys and for some girls, I believe Apollo is next on the rise and on their personal name lists.”

Like Renzo, Apollo is another O-ending name for boys, and it starts with A, which is another trend.


“It’s tough because there are so many girl names that are rising stars right now but from my personal consultation clients and overall consensus, Romy/Romi is one that lots are loving,” Prunkl said. “For girls, many are looking for simplistic or minimal names that are cute sounding but at the same token, have a power behind them.”

She believes Romy is a nice alternative to the place name Rome and combines the “O”-sound and “ee”-ending trends that many parents enjoy lately.


“We’ve had Asher as No. 1 for the past two years on the site,” Moss said.

In addition to dominating on, Asher has been rising in the SSA data as well. It currently sits at No. 19 for boys.

“It only hit the Top 100 in 2014, which shows it’s been rising super fast,” Moss explained. “We predict it will reach the Top 10 for 2024.”


“How fascinating that the feminine form of one of world’s best-known names ―David (‘beloved’) ― has hardly ever been used in the United States,” Suzanne said.

After a 30-year hiatus, Davina reentered the SSA Top 1,000 list in 2016 and currently ranks down at No. 563.

“Easy to say and spell, Davina’s time may have arrived,” Suzanne added. “It is still rare, but parents are asking about it more.”


“Harley is one that I’m betting on to gain popularity in 2024,” Corrigan said. “This name exudes a cool and versatile vibe, fitting seamlessly into the trend of seeking names that transition effortlessly from childhood to adulthood. Harley has a rugged charm and strong yet approachable sound, truly projecting a sense of individuality and ‘main character energy,’ making it a standout choice.”

She believes the name’s classic roots and modern appeal strike an ideal balance between tradition and trendiness. There’s also a sense of strength and versatility.


“Trust me, Valkyrie is one to watch,” Kihm said. “It’s not in the Top 1,000 yet, but it’s quickly rising behind the scenes. Valkyrie is a name from Norse mythology, like trendy names Freya and Odin. According to legend, valkyries are female deities who guides the souls of the dead to their ultimate resting place. That’s a powerful, badass backstory that many parents are drawn to.”

The name Valkyrie could offer a modern way to honor a loved one named Valerie. It might also appeal to parents who like edgy, dark feminist names like Lilith and Mazikeen, Kihm added.


Prunkl thinks the name Nolie (along with the name Nola) has potential for increased popularity next year.

“It’s simple, has the ‘O’ and has the cutesie ending,” she explained. “It also can be shortened from Magnolia, which continues the trend of those vintage revival names ― but modernised.”


“There was a time when the ‘Star Wars’ reference to Princess Leia from the 1970s and 80s was so strong that it discouraged some parents from using this name,” Suzanne said of Leia. “By 2006, a new generation of parents viewed the name with a bit more distance and nostalgia, and it started to be used with some regularity. It has been creeping up in popularity ever since.”

Leia currently sits at No. 256 in the SSA ranking.

“Its simple, elegant sound is making more parents take notice,” Suzanne said. “It can be traced to multiple languages, like Hebrew, Hawaiian, Portuguese etc.”


“YouTuber Taylor Calmus is better known as Dude Dad,” Sandel said. “With wife Heidi, he shares life raising their four kids: Theo, Juno, Otto, and new arrival Kelso. The family lives in Colorado, and borrowed their new addition’s name from nearby Kelso Mountain. It fits with all those O-ending names we love.”

Kelso was also the name of Ashton Kutcher’s character on the popular sitcom “That ’70s Show.”

“Speaking of Kel- names, there’s a dark horse name I’m watching: Kelce,” Sandel added. “The headlines about Taylor and Travis are inescapable. And football players’ names have often been influential. Kelce could be an updated spelling for Kelsey, or a fresh new option for our sons in the key of last year’s breakout star Kayce.”


“Eliza is a peppy, fresh and rejuvenated diminutive of the classic and timeless name Elizabeth,” said baby name consultant Taylor Humphrey. “With other fun E names like Emery and Eloise having recently broken into the U.S. Top 100, we can expect to Eliza to keep rising as well.

She pointed to cultural references like the iconic Eliza Doolittle and the “Bachelor” universe figure Eliza Isichei, who “wears her name so effortlessly that parents might see the versatility of the name.”


“Thiago, which sits just off the Top 100 at No. 106, has a strong multicultural appeal,” Humphrey said. “Thiago is a Portuguese name, the Portuguese version of James and Jacob, which are both staples of the Top 100.

She touted its chic O-ending, which parents have been gravitating toward in recent years.

“And while it sounds exotic, it still feels accessible,” Humphrey added.


“In terms of gender-neutral names, what’s becoming big is the name James, specifically crossing over to the girls side,” Moss said.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively selected the name for their eldest daughter, and Hilary Duff used it as a middle name for her second baby girl. Josephine Skriver had Aurora James, and previously Jason Statham named his daughter Isabella James

“It’s becoming more common for girls, especially as a middle name,” Moss noted. “In 2023, actor and country musician Alexander Ludwig named his daughter Leni James. Josephine Scriver did Aurora James. Jason Statham has Isabella James. I think what’s going to happen is a move from middle to first name as it becomes more acceptable.”