11/04/2016 13:27 BST | Updated 11/04/2016 15:54 BST

Facebook Could Be Rolling Out Its Best Feature Yet

This could get you completely hooked on the app.

Facebook could be testing a feature that is sure to get you completely hooked on the platform.

People in the UK have reportedly been getting weather updates in their News Feed while using the app, The Next Web reports.

Weather updates will pop up in your News Feed. 

The feature only appears to be working for selected users at the moment so don't worry if you didn't get a message this morning. 

Jennifer Hassan in East London tweeted a picture of what the feature looks like.

The post read "good morning Jennifer, stay dry today in London. Rain is forecast."

Several others in India have had similar posts pop up in their Feed too, the Times of India reported.

Each post reportedly has a link that takes the user to’s site.

Facebook are yet to comment about whether this update will be rolled out but if and when it does happen, it will most likely make Facebook integral to our morning routine.