Facebook Has A Problem With Scunthorpe And People Are Up In Arms

'Sort yourself out Zuckerberg.'

Facebook's algorithm has a problem with Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire.

Look closely enough and you'll find an offensive word hidden in the town's name.

As a result of the platform's anti-profanity filters, users are unable to promote events in the area and a band known as October Drift found this out the hard way while trying to plug a gig in Scunthorpe.


We tried to boost our posts to promote the Scunthorpe show, but Facebook is having none of it due to the town name containing a really rude word.That's utterly bonkers. Sort yourself out Zuckerberg you crazy bastard (shit... can't boost this one now either!)

Posted by October Drift on Friday, April 1, 2016

Writing on Twitter, they said: "Our relationship with social media is a very strained and delicate one at the best of times. Issues like this..."

Guitarist Dan Young told The Independent: “As a band we like to promote our shows via Facebook.

“But Facebook has none of it when trying to boost the posts.”

The filter appears to work on paid-for promotional posts and the issue has been highlighted to Facebook before.

Four months ago local businessman, Jon Jarman, told Facebook:

"My ad not approved because of the word Scunthorpe. Seriously Facebook are your algorithms written by 5 year olds?"

Facebook community

A member of the Facebook Help Team later responded with the generic article on what to do when ads are not approved.

Unappeased, Jarman wrote back:

"I don't need to see what is and isn't approved - there's nothing wrong with the advert it's just the fact that word Scunthorpe is in it.
"As soon as I type the word 'Scunthorpe' I get an immediate warning that my ad contains inappropriate language."

The Huffington Post UK have reached out to Facebook for comment.

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