12 Things You Only Know If You've Fallen For Your BFF

Obviously I'm happy you really fancy that other person who isn't me...

Everyone knows what it feels like to realise that point in a friendship when instead of banter you’d much rather have ❤️. And worse, when your unrequited love is not in any way mutual.

A new study has found that guys are more likely to think of their female friends as someone who they would pursue if the opportunity arose, whereas women tend to think of their male friends as simply that, just friends.

Here are the 12 things you only know if you’ve fallen hard for your BFF.

1. You always want to hang out but then regret it when you’re actually there because you have to hide your real feelings.

2. You have to pretend to be supportive when they’re telling you how much they fancy someone else.

3. You have dropped so many subtle hints you might as well just write it on your forehead.

4. You read into everything they say to a toe-curling degree.

5. When they give you love advice you pretend to be listening while imagining the two of you shopping as a couple in IKEA.

6. They must know how you feel but just choose to ignore it. Right? RIGHT?

7. Because when you get drunk you say terrible things.

8. And text even worse things.

9. At this point you would even settle for just friends with benefits.

10. Although obviously you have your whole wedding planned out on Pinterest.

11. You worry that one day you won’t be able to keep it secret any longer.

12. But if you tell them, you might ruin the friendship forever.

Glad we got that sorted.