14 Things That Only Happen At Fancy Restaurants

While the world of fine dining may be slowly disappearing, certain institutions will never die. Casual might be king at the best and brightest new restaurants today, but some strongholds in the restaurant world aren't giving in. They're holding fast to their old-fashioned etiquette -- jackets required! -- even if it makes them seem more like relics than trendy establishments.

Some customs at these fancy restaurants might seem... how do we put this delicately... a little unnecessary? Maybe even a little frivolous? Or RIDICULOUS?! White tablecloths and tasting menus are just the beginning. Here are 14 things that only happen at fancy restaurants:

Your purse gets its own chair.
Sam Armstrong via Getty Images
You may be used to hanging your purse on your chair or placing it on the floor next to you, but at a super fancy restaurant, the waiter will bring over a little bench for you to rest your purse on.
Ladies first.
skynesher via Getty Images
Ladies order first, and they are also served first. Sorry, gents.
They'll prime your wine glass.
Sam Edwards via Getty Images
When you order wine, the sommelier will pour a little bit of wine in your glass, swirl it around and let it sit momentarily before pouring it out. This helps remove any residual taste from when the glass was washed or stored.
They'll fold your napkin when you get up from the table.
Shioguchi via Getty Images
If you leave to go to the bathroom, be prepared to find your napkin folded on your chair or on the table for you when you return.
You'll get more than what you ordered.
Emilio Ereza via Getty Images
From amuse bouches to tantalize your taste buds before your appetizer, to palate cleansers before dessert, you may get a range of little bites over the course of your meal.
Everyone gets their dish at the exact same time.
Felbert+Eickenberg / STOCK4B via Getty Images
A number of waiters will come over to your table and serve everyone's plate at the same time, so no one has to awkwardly wait and insist that others start eating. They think of everything.
You'll get your chair pulled out for you when you sit down.
Glow Images, Inc via Getty Images
You'll also get your chair pulled out when you go to stand up, if they're quick enough.
There's a correct utensil for everything.
Eric Futran - Chefshots via Getty Images
As Leo was told in "Titantic," when in doubt, start with the outermost spoon and work your way in.
There's also a wine glass for every kind of wine.
Stefano Scata via Getty Images
Including crazy tall dessert wine glasses with incredibly long stems.
You'll probably be offered at least two kinds of butter.
Maximilian Stock Ltd. via Getty Images
One of them might be sweet, one salty. You may also be offered lard in addition to butter. Eat all of it.
Don't even try holding onto your coat.
Carles Allende via Getty Images
They will insist on checking it, if it's the last thing they do.
Your wine menu comes on an iPad.
Because of course it does.
The server will likely place the bread on your bread plate for you.
Tom Grill via Getty Images
Pass a bread basket? Pshh. That's way too much heavy lifting.
Presentation is everything.
Stuart McCall via Getty Images
Everything comes perfectly arranged and the "reveal" is just as important. Whether it's a dessert box disguised as a cheese grater (as seen at New York's Del Posto), or whether they pour sauce on your heritage pork at the table from a little coffee pot (also seen at Del Posto), presentation is everything.
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