These Are The UK's Favourite Sex Positions, And London, You Are Disappointing


Ever wondered what your neighbours are getting up to in the bedroom? Well wonder no more, as a new study has revealed the UK’s favourite sex habits from north to south.

The study, by VoucherCodesPro, asked 3,864 Britons from across the country about their preferences between the sheets, and 94% of us said we have a clear favourite when it comes to positions.

A promising start.

People were then asked to be a little more specific about their go-to position, and the results are somewhat surprising.

In general those in the north seem to be having a better time than the rest of us, as 47% of respondents in the North East and West Midlands chose doggy style.

While 32% in the North West, and not forgetting 35% in the South West, want to be sitting down, although they didn’t specify on what (sorry mum).

In the East of England, 37% are opting for reverse cowgirl, similar to a third of our Welsh cousins.

Disappointingly, the housing crisis in the capital seems to be thwarting Londoners attempts to have an adventurous sex life as a fairly sizeable 40% of us chose the missionary position as our favourite.

Presumably in order to stop our seven housemates hearing anything through the paper-thin walls.

But that is not as bad as people in the South East, 34% of whom just said they would choose to spoon – are you okay guys?

To be honest we might all want to consider upping sticks and moving to Scotland where 32% of people are doing it standing up.

No wonder they wanted to leave the rest of us amateurs behind.