'Finding Dory' Lamp For Kids Nearly Gave One Guy A 'Heart Attack'

Would you want this in your kids' bedroom?

A guy who bought his friend’s daughter a ‘Finding Dory’ lamp realised it wasn’t as “cute” as he initially thought.

When he brought it home to try out before handing it over to the child, he came across the lamp’s slightly creepy feature.

Click ‘Next’ on the slideshow below to reveal what the lamp looks like turned on.

When the lamp is switched on, the initial goofy fish face turns into a sinister-looking fish with black holes for eyes.

The light only glows from the fish’s mouth, making it even more creepy.

“Holy shit that’s terrifying,” one person commented.

Perhaps not one to give to the kids.

Fancy getting your own creepy ‘Finding Dory’ lamp? You can do so, here.

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