19/06/2017 16:26 BST | Updated 24/07/2017 16:09 BST

Finsbury Park Attack: 15-Year-Old GCSE Student Expresses Anger Over 'Media Cover Up'

'We're all targeted now'

Emma Saleem, a 15-year-old Finsbury Park resident who had GCSEs today has expressed fears that the entire community will be “targeted” following Monday morning’s terror attack that has left one person dead and 10 people injured.

Standing near the scene of the attack, she told HuffPost UK of her frustration with the way the aftermath of the attack had been handled: “I do have my GCSEs today but after what mum didn’t really want me to leave this morning.

“I feel like if it was a Muslim man, whether or not they know who it is or whatever, it’s straight away classed as a terrorist attack. But because this was a white man I feel like the media especially try and cover it up. 

“First of all it was an attack on Islam. We’re all targeted now. ‘Muslims are terrorists’ - what can we do?”