Fiona The Hippo's Vomit Predicts Super Bowl Win For Kansas City Chiefs

The Cincinnati Zoo's celebrity hippo is no Paul the Psychic Octopus when it comes to predicting winners, but she's a lot cuter.

A celebrity hippo is predicting a Super Bowl win for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Well, her vomit is, anyway.

Zookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo recently got Fiona the Hippo to pick which team would win Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers.

The keepers set up two “enrichment items,” one emblazoned with the Chiefs’ logo and the other with the 49ers’, to see which one caught her eye.

The keepers figured Fiona would simply press her snout to one of the items, but since she had just eaten lunch, she decided to upchuck some freshly chewed veggies atop the Kansas City logo, according to Cincinnati station WLWT.

Although the way Fiona made her prediction is certainly unique, her accuracy isn’t anything special.

The New York Post reports that Fiona’s predictions have about a 50% accuracy rate. In 2018, she correctly picked the Philadelphia Eagles over the the New England Patriots, but incorrectly picked the Los Angeles Rams over the Pats in 2019.

Meanwhile, the top dog among psychic animals remains Paul the Psychic Octopus, who in 2010 successfully picked the outcome of eight World Cup games without getting a single prediction wrong.

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