28/07/2016 15:54 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother' 2016: Here's What The Reality Series Looked Like When It First Started

Ah, simpler times.

It’s hard to believe that ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ has been on our screens for over 15 years now, and over that time we’ve watched 199 famous faces come and go through the doors of the ‘BB’ house. 

While we’re now used to seeing a parade of seasoned reality stars, former soap actors and obscure US personalities shacked up in the famous residence, bitching, backstabbing and falling out, it hasn’t always been like that.  

Casting our minds back to the very first series of the show in 2001, it felt like a very different programmeshow (which might have something to do with the fact all the stars were doing it for charity, rather than banking cheques for six-figure sums). 

As the 18th series launches on Channel 5, we take a look back at the original run of ‘CBB’ in the video above...

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