Five Steps To The Ultimate Divorce Party

Five Steps To The Ultimate Divorce Party

Life’s full of traditions and ceremonies. Weddings are among the most popular of these ceremonies, with 24.1 million married people in England and Wales in 2016. But sometimes, love doesn’t last. So how about marking the end of the marriage with an event as well?

Divorce parties are events in which you celebrate (or simply mark the occasion) the end of a relationship. It’s about moving on and marking your new life as a single person. While it might sound odd to you, an increasing number of people around the world are getting into holding divorce parties.

It isn’t any wonder either, as these occasions can be a good way of transitioning from your married life to your new exciting adventure. It’s about forgetting and, perhaps, forgiving what’s happened and having a good time.

Now, before we look into the steps for throwing a good divorce party, you should know one more thing. Divorce parties are good when the dust has settled and you’re coming to terms with the life-changing events. The point is not to have a rage-inducing party that’s all about your ex! That is, unless you are divorcing in great terms and you’re hosting the party together!

Organise your divorce party for the right reasons. For moving on and celebrating your new life. Don’t do it if you’re seething with rage or you can’t stop crying. Celebrate your new beginning and the opportunities that are coming your way!

Here are five steps to the ultimate divorce party.

1. Be mindful of your guest list

Do not invite the exact same group of people that attended your wedding. That’s a sure-fire recipe for awkward, especially when it comes to the ex’s family and friends! Be mindful of the guest list; a divorce party is best held with just your closest of friends. Some relatives, especially those who might be more traditional, might not get what’s happening. Divorce parties are definitely an adult-only occasion, too, so you may need to tell people they can’t bring the kids!

You don’t necessarily need to send formal invitations to a divorce party, unless you’re arty and you love the idea of doing something quirky! Remember to try and keep it positive. No pictures of your ex with an X drawn across their face or anything!

If you want to keep it simple, text or e-mail your guest list with the occasion, time and date, and venue, and you’re good to go.

2. Pick the venue with the mood in mind

Pick your venue by thinking of the kind of party you’d like to host. Do you want it to be a proper party with a visit to a restaurant and a nightclub? Perhaps you’d like something more reserved like a country cottage with plenty of drinks and nibbles. Since you will probably have around 10 to 20 of your closest friends at the party, you can be more creative with the venue.

3. Add some humour and symbolism to your party

You don’t want your divorce party to be just a normal night out with friends. Add some humour and symbolism with ‘Just Divorced’ balloons, black roses and a gigantic divorce cake. It can also be refreshing and poignant to add a small ceremony of moving on to your party. This could be the burning of an old wedding photograph or the destroying of bottles with your ex’s name written on them.

4. Organise some fun entertainment

Of course, you’ll also want to have something fun to do as well. Some people like to do something they’ve never done at their divorce party to mark a fresh start. This could be anything, from going on a rollercoaster ride or experiencing a wine tasting event. You might also want to hire a party band to play the best breakup songs and dance the night away! We’ve started seeing an increasing number of enquiries for bands to play divorce parties, and have heard similar from others in the industry!

5. Sort out your closest support for the after-party

While the divorce party is supposed to be fun and about moving on, it can be a weird feeling when people start leaving. The gravity of the day can suddenly hit you and all those feelings of insecurity pop up. It’s important to have your closest friends ready to stay with you for the night and perhaps cry a few tears with you as the dawn breaks.

If you follow these five steps, you are going to end up having a fun night.

Holding a divorce party may sound unusual, but as an event they’re going to continue becoming increasingly popular. A memorable divorce party can help you to kick-start your new life!