Five Things Your Gynaecologist Wants You To Know

There is no shame in getting medical treatment.
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One in three people that are eligible for a cervical screening are not taking up the screening offers provided by the NHS, putting them at risk of missing out on the crucial early symptoms for cervical cancer.

While this is something that shouldn’t be happening, it makes sense.

People with vaginas are still made to feel shame about our bodies, periods, and intimate medical procedures (such as cervical screenings!).

However, the medical professionals that are trained in providing these treatments are desperate for people to know just how little judgement is involved in gynaecological procedures. So little, in fact, that it sits at a round 0!

Gynaecologists Caitlyn Ranger, MD, and Amanda Henne, MD, took to TikTok to discuss what your gynaecologist wants you to know when you go for an appointment.

What your gynaecologist wants you to know

Got hair? They don’t care!

The doctors state that whether you’re waxed, shaved, or vajazzled (is anyone still doing this?), or even just came back from the gym, they don’t care.

Bleeding? Still see them!

The pros share that they know that you have periods and even if you’re bleeding, “come on in”. Alternatively, if you are concerned, call your doctors and check that your procedure can still be done while you’re menstruating.


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“We’ve seen it all”

The doctors urge that when you go for your appointment, try to not feel embarrassed. They’ve seen it all – sexual preferences, STD history, discharge, whatever it is, they’ve heard it and they’re “not scared.” In fact, they state, “let us have it.”

You don’t need to hide your underwear

Well, I know I’m guilty of this one. The doctors urge that you don’t have to hide your underwear. They say, “quit folding it between your shirt and pants, it’s fine.”

Don’t bother with the pedicure

The doctors state, quite fairly, “we’re here to look at your vaginas, not at your feet. Spare yourself the pedicure bill, it’s going to be fine.”