Flight Attendant Reveals The Ideal Time To Go For A Poo When Flying

Yes, there really is an ideal time.

If you’re a seasoned traveller, you’ll likely have a full routine when it comes to pre-flight, during, and getting to your accommodation but did you know that there’s actually an ideal time to go to the toilet?

Of course, bowel movements are natural and nothing to be ashamed of but it makes perfect sense that for some people, pooping in public toilets is uncomfortable and this can be even more intense if you’re on a busy flight, in a small toilet.

However, according to one flight attendant that spoke to MEL Magazine, there is an ideal time to go to the toilet and if you’re concerned about smell, there is a cheeky hack to keep odours at bay.

How to discreetly poop on a plane, and when to do it

Erika Roth, a former flight attendant advises that if you need to poo on a plane, the best time to go is as soon as the seatbelt sign is off, and before drink service begins.

As for the smell, Roth explained, “Close quarters, poor ventilation and a lack of efficient plumbing — to be blunt, the stench can fill a cabin quickly.”

However, there is a simple solution to this potentially smelly issue. She suggested an old flight attendant trick saying, “Ask an attendant for packets of coffee grounds, then hang them up in the lavatory. The grounds will soak up the odour.”

Finally, if you’re wondering how long you can peacefully poo on the plane, she said that after around 20 minutes in a cubicle, you can expect a knock on the door.

No matter what, though, don’t hold it in. Holding in poo can lead to a number of medical complications and really, your health matters more than the potential cringe of going to the loo on a flight.