Flight Attendant Reveals The One Thing They'd NEVER Drink On A Plane

Passenger travel via commercial air plane. Travel and airline business concept.
eyesfoto via Getty Images
Passenger travel via commercial air plane. Travel and airline business concept.

If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll be aware of all of the biggest dos and don’ts of flying like not taking your shoes off (please), eating smelly foods or getting too drunk before a flight .

However, one flight attendant over on TikTok has urged passengers to avoid one drink when they’re flying.

In a recent video, user @ichbinvin, whose name is actually Kevin, dug into the “dirty little secrets” of the aviation industry and it’s bad news for anybody that loves a caffeine boost while travelling.

What you shouldn’t drink on a flight

Referring to a previous Reddit post asking about the aviation industry where one user told readers to avoid airline coffee, Kevin said that he thinks that airline coffee is “disgusting” and advises that instead of opting for it, travellers should arrive at the airport 10 minutes earlier and buy a coffee before boarding the flight.

He added, “the fact that the tanks rarely get cleaned that the water’s in should be the least of your concern”, before describing how the coffee pots on airlines are emptied.

He said they don’t go down a drain and instead are poured down the toilet and to avoid mess, “the flight attendants have to get quite close to the toilet bowl” which may lead to a “backsplash” of bacteria. Yum.

Finally, he said that unless your plane has an espresso maker, you shouldn’t order airline coffee, especially if it’s drip coffee.

Don’t need to tell me twice. Yuck.

The “dirty secrets” of planes

Kevin added that seat pockets are indeed disgusting and while they do get emptied of trash but they’re not cleaned. He said that he’s found everything from diapers and wrappers to used tissues in seat pockets.

As for the rumour that people who die on flights being stored at the back of planes? Kevin said that while nobody has died on flights he’s worked on, but that logistically, there’s not a lot else that they can do with a body.