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Francis Ford Coppola Agrees With Winona Ryder's Claims That She Married Keanu Reeves On The Set Of 'Bram Stoker's Dracula'

'We realised that Keanu and Winona really are married as a result of this scene.'

Director Francis Ford Coppola has corroborated claims made by Winona Ryder that she might have actually got married to Keanu Reeves for real while the pair filmed ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ in 1992.

While promoting their new rom-com ‘Destination Wedding’, Winona told Entertainment Weekly: “We actually got married in ‘Dracula’. No, I swear to god I think we’re married in real life. In that scene, Francis [Ford Coppola] used a real Romanian priest.

“We shot the master and he did the whole thing. So I think we’re married.”

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The pair have appeared in four films together 

Backing up the claim in an interview with The Guardian, Coppola revealed that after filming had wrapped on the film he was unhappy with a stylised version of the first shooting of the scene.

He decided that a proper Greek Orthodox wedding, with a real Romanian priest in Los Angles, would the best option to get it right.

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Francis Ford Coppola used a real Romanian priest when shooting the scene

He said: “Having the real wedding ceremony as it might be in that religion would be beautiful.

“This is pretty authentic and I think very beautiful, because we actually did the ceremony and had the priest do the ceremony.

“So in a sense, when we were all done, we realised that Keanu and Winona really are married as a result of this scene and this ceremony.”

In the scene Winona and Keanu drink from a goblet and are blessed with a wreath of white roses before kissing. Neither is seen speaking, nor is it clear if the priest is using the pair’s real names or their characters.

The revelation might make awkward news for Winona’s boyfriend Scott Mackinlay Hahn who she’s been dating since 2011.

‘Destination Wedding’ is Winona and Keanu’s fourth film together, after ‘Dracula’, ‘A Scanner Darkly’ and ‘The Private Lives of Pippa Lee’.

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