This Man Hated His Commute So Much He Built His Own Plane

He reduced his commute by seven minutes.

The shorter the commute, the longer your get to lie in bed.

At least, that’s what we presume was going through Frantisek Hadrava’s mind when he decided to build his own plane to cut his commute in half.

The 45-year-old locksmith spent two years of his spare time to build a Vampira, an ultralight plane made almost entirely of wood, which is based on the U.S.-design of light planes called Mini-Max.

In doing so he has managed to shave seven minutes off his journey to work each day - that’s if the weather is pleasant enough to fly.

David W Cerny / Reuters

“It takes me about 12-14 minutes by car,” Hadrava said.

The aircraft can reach a top speed of 146 km/h and consumes 6 litres of petrol per hour. As a result, he says travelling to work by plane is cheaper than by car.

Hadrava lives in the small village of Zdikov in the Czech Republic and his commute is approximately 15km on the road.

Man Builds Own Plane To Commute To Work

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