This Epic Twitter Thread May Just Change Your Mind About The Worst 'Friends' Storyline

Mind blown.

Ask any ‘Friends’ fan what the worst storyline in the show’s 10-year run was, and the majority of the time you’ll get the same answer - Rachel and Joey’s brief relationship.

But over 14 years since their romance on the iconic sitcom came to an end, one Twitter user has taken it upon themselves to prove why we were all wrong.


‘Friends’ fan @kaneandgriffin launched into an epic defence of Joey and Rachel in a 100-tweet long thread on the social media site, and we have to say, she has a pretty convincing argument.

In her tweets, she explains why Joey and Rachel actually made much more sense as a couple than Ross and Rachel ever did, while also demonstrating why the former would have made the perfect boyfriend.

We’ll let her take it from here:


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