Frosé Is The Mouth-Watering Alcoholic Drink You Need To Try This Summer

Frozen rosé? What a dream.

Rosé wine has long been considered a go-to drink when the sunshine is out.

But the beverage is now even more suitable for sipping during hot weather.

Ladies and gentleman, we give you frosé.

As its name suggests, frosé is a frozen drink with rosé wine at its core. Think Slush Puppie, but gloriously alcoholic.

The drink is fast gaining popularity on Instagram with dozens of photos popping up in recent weeks tagged #frosé.

As frosé is a relatively new trend, methods for creating the drink at home do vary.

While Instagram user erica_76 says you can make frosé simply by pouring rosé wine into an ice cream maker, the team at say you need to top a scoop of strawberry sorbet with sparkling rosé and fresh berries to create it.

Meanwhile we're fans of the recipe recommended by the team at, which includes adding ounces of fresh lemon juice, a handful of strawberries and ½ cup sugar to a bottle of pre-frozen rosé.

Check out some of the mouth watering photos below for more inspiration and let us know your favourite frosé recipes in the comments.

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