14 Tweets That Sum Up Living In A Shared Flat

Mum can we come home?

For generation rent, the prospect of being able to afford your own house is about as likely as winning the lottery (which would be pretty handy right now).

If you don’t fancy living in your childhood bedroom at 28 years old, which obviously does wonders for your adult sex life, then most of us have no choice but to move into a flatshare.

Whether that’s with strangers or people you’ve known for years, here are 14 things that every person will have had to deal with.

1. The shared kitchen.

2. The groceries.

3. The dinners.

4. The washing up.

5. The endless mess.

6. The broken furniture.

7. The deliveries.

8. The noise.

9. The audible sex.

10. The unexpected house guests.

11. The complete lack of privacy.

12. The incompatible schedules.

13. The ones that come through in the end.

14. The ones that just have to go.