29/01/2017 11:06 GMT

Gail Porter Reveals She Slept Rough After Spending A Year Homeless Due To Money Woes

'Those were the scariest nights of my life.'

Gail Porter has revealed she was left sleeping on a park bench, after money troubles made her homeless. 

The TV presenter told of how she spent a year without a place to call her own, as mounting debt meant she was unable to afford to pay rent. 

Ian West/PA Archive
Gai Porter has admitted she spent a year homeless

In an interview with The Sun, Gail admitted she spent some nights sleeping rough in 2014, after running out of friends’ sofas to crash on. 

“I was on a bench on Hampstead Heath with a rug and rucksack. It was cold and terrifying. I covered my face so no one could see me,” she said. 

“Those were the scariest nights of my life. There were lots of terrifying noises. I had no idea what they were. I was freezing and I didn’t know who was coming for me. I barely slept a wink. I was scared of being killed or raped.”

While the former ‘Fully Booked’ and ‘Top Of The Pops’ presenter is now renting a modest one-bedroom flat in London, she recently declared herself bankrupt, owing “a fix-figure sum” in tax arrears. 

As a result, Gail is living off just £200 a week having struggled to find TV work, which she blames on losing her hair to alopecia in 2005. 

Gail has struggled to find work since losing her hair
  • To help a rough sleeper call 0300 500 0914 or visit Streetlink
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