Game Of Thrones Episode 6 Trailer: Here's What We Can Glean From The (Very Short) Teaser

Yes, we really have picked apart a 20-second teaser.

There are tonnes of spoilers ahead so if you haven’t watched episode 5, this article will ruin your day. OK?

To say season eight has been a bumpy ride is a huge understatement, but after five weeks of WTF moments, dragon-slaying, and then some more WTF moments, the Game Of Thrones watch is nearly over.

The last ever episode of the drama will air next Monday and ahead of the 79-minute instalment, a 37-second teaser has been revealed.

Well, HBO say it’s 37 seconds, but really it’s just 20, as the last half of the clip is a holding screen.

Anyway, it gives us a teeny tiny glimpse at what to expect and we’re going to break it down, because this is the last chance saloon when it comes to Game Of Thrones theories...

It starts with Ser Davos and Jon Snow walking through the dust


The two men can be seen slowly trudging through an ash-covered King’s Landing, probably rueing the day they first supported Daenerys’ bid for the throne.

Fan favourites Davos and Jon were both on the front lines when the Queen went fully mad and torched King’s Landing – and their confrontation of this fact (and then, hopefully, her) will surely be a key component of Monday’s finale.

Tyrion Lannister then does the same

This is not the face of man who likes what he sees
This is not the face of man who likes what he sees

His well-laid plans to have the soldiers surrender, with the bells set to also serve as a signal to Jaime and Cersei to make their escape, completely fell to pieces.

Tyrion then spent much of the penultimate episode standing awestruck, by the fallen city walls and this seems to be where he’s still standing in the trailer.

The penultimate episode also saw Tyrion betray Daenerys by freeing her prisoner, Jaime. Given her love for revenge and so-called justice (RIP Varys), this probably will not go down well.

Arya is seriously angry

Not. Happy.
Not. Happy.

And who could blame her? After heading to King’s Landing with The Hound (gone but never forgotten) with the aim of ticking Cersei off her kill list, Arya found herself on the ground during Daenerys’ torching of the city.

Scrambling for survival as buildings crashed down around her, Arya looked more scared, and arguably more in danger, than ever. Her survival gave us all a chance to breathe a sigh of relief and then there was the almost dreamlike ending, as a white horse arrived to save her.

The teaser shows her looking over the shoulder of soldiers (more on them next) and seemingly seriously displeased.

After slaying the Night King, could Arya be the one to stop the newly-mad Mother of Dragons in her tracks? Will she at least manage to convince Jon that he chose the wrong alliance and needs to take the throne himself? We seriously hope at least one of these things happen.

The army of the Unsullied assemble


Whatever is going on here, we don’t think it’s good. Daenerys has already taken and torched King’s Landing, so why are the army assembled by the walls?

Our fears are being compounded by the scene that follows, as it shows what is left of the Dothraki raising their swords and shouting.

And the Queen herself in front of them


The closing shot shows Daenerys descending a staircase, as soldiers line either side and fill the space in front of her, while buildings burn in the background.

We do not feel good about this.

It’s not just about the people in the trailer either

Plenty of our faves are totally absent from the teaser, which has us worried about how much they’ll feature in the finale.

Sansa Stark (who waited out the latest battle in Winterfell) is nowhere to be seen and neither is her and Arya’s protector, Ser Brienne of Tarth.

Bran – whose story, let’s face it, is probably not going to get explained – is also MIA, as is Gendry Baratheon, who didn’t head south with Jon, Daenerys et al and hasn’t been seen since proposing to Arya.

Bronn of the Blackwater also sat out the last fight (though we’re less concerned about him, to be honest, sorry Jerome).

Who’ll end up on the Iron Throne? Is it even still standing? Find out when the Game Of Thrones finale airs on Monday, at 2am and 9pm on Sky Atlantic.


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