Five People Who Just Can't Handle G.O.T Season 6 Anticipation


‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 has been ten long months in the making, which is apparently far too long for some people, judging by their outpourings in the Twitter-sphere.

Yes it seems like an age and a half since the shocking finale of Season 5, which left fans gasping to know whether Khaleesi and Tyrion will join forces, how Cersei could possibly recover from the indignity of her naked walk through a city over which she once had such power and, arguably, the most pressing question of all, whether Jon Snow survived his slaying at the hands of the Nights Watch.

We’ve come across a select few who, judging by their social media outpourings, must just qualify as the most ardent of all.

There are the work bosses who’ve built their staff’s passion for the programme into the office manual:

And those – probably the employees of the people above – simply channeling their inner Tyrion at the prospect of 10 brand new episodes:

And there are the academics amongst us who have, quite possibly, forgotten it is after all only a TV show:

And there’s ill-becoming jealousy to behold:

Then there’s those completely losing their cool and filing a Freedom Of Information Act request...

Finally, there are the ones preparing to step off this world for a while, and onto another come Sunday evening and the new season’s arrival:

Not everyone’s this frenzied, but they’re certainly keen. Millions of viewers are expected to tune in to watch on Monday 25th on Sky Atlantic.

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