Stunning Gardening Inspiration For Your Balcony, Teeny Garden Or Poky City Flat

Gardening gloves at the ready!

Spring is here which means it's time to get your gardening gloves on and spruce up that outdoor space ready for BBQ season.

If, like most people living in a major city, space is limited then fear not - there are plenty of easy and affordable ways to jazz up a tiny garden or balcony.

Whether you're opting for pompom bunting, fairy lights or teapot herb planters, once you're done your green fingers will be the talk of town. Or, at the very least, your local garden centre.

Without further ado, here are 11 tricks to make that minuscule garden space magnificent.

Plant your herbs in vintage teapots

Place them on window sills and shelves to liven up your pad. Or, if you have a balcony, bung them on there instead.

Spruce up a dull wall with strings of outdoor fairy lights

There's nothing worse than walking outside into your tiny garden and having to stare at a pretty uninspiring wall.

To combat this, purchase some outdoor fairy lights from your local DIY store (Homebase/B&Q) and attach them to the wall so they run vertically.

Plant succulents in tea cups

It's a cute way to show off your succulents without forking out on jazzy pots.

Use an old ladder shelf to create a stunning indoor garden

If you have neither a balcony or garden, then it's time to get creative an design an indoor bit of greenery. A simple yet stylish way to do this is to buy an old ladder shelf and fill it with plants and herbs.

Jazz up your outdoor space with pompom bunting

Because pompoms.

Use old logs to create outdoor candle holders

Perfect for small gardens, just make sure they're dug slightly into the ground so they don't fall over.

Fill a rustic-looking bucket with water and add floating candles and flowers

An easy way to achieve a water feature on a budget. Just make sure you update the flowers every now and then - otherwise it'll look a bit naff.

Create a herb garden from an old pallet

An affordable way to make the most of a narrow space. Stand a pallet upright and use each slat as an area to plant your favourite herbs.

Hang plants from the roof your balcony

For those who are lucky enough to have a flat above them, you can use hooks and rope to hang pots from the ceiling. They create a pretty barrier between you and the outside world.

Create a fire bowl, but with fairy lights

Buy a small fire bowl (or find something similar) and fill with logs, then drape delicate fairy lights over the logs to make them look like they're alight. It's less of a safety hazard for your balcony and looks so much prettier.

Use old cans, paint and tea light candles to set the mood

If you've got a fair few soup cans in your recycling box then dig them out, wash them, remove the labels and put your best paintbrush forward.

Push holes through the side of the cans and place a tea light in each one. Et voila! Wonderful mood lighting for your balcony or teeny weeny garden.

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