GDPR Emails Are Getting More Desperate By The Day And People Are In Their Element

Bet you're regretting sending all those spam emails now hey?

Unless you’ve been living under a technological rock for the last month, you probably know by now that the introduction of a new EU data law means we are going to be seeing a shakeup in our emails from Friday 25 May.

In short, GDPR is good news as it gives you lots more control over your data, and companies (especially the ones who send you endless marketing spam) have to ask you explicitly if you want to receive their mail.

We’ve had emails with subject lines ranging from ‘don’t leave us this way’ to ‘are we really saying goodbye’ and even ‘we hate goodbyes’ - to be honest the whole thing is getting a bit desperate ex-partner.

But far from feeling sorry for the senders, we are enjoying watching the spammers scrambling for our affections, while we kick back and ignore the chaos piling up in our inboxes.

And who would have guessed it, but GDPR has actually made for the best meme and Twitter fodder imaginable.

But as the deadline is getting closer people are enjoying the increasingly desperate tactics being employed by marketing teams to get you to subscribe.

And realising we’re all embracing our natural laziness and ignoring the emails altogether.

Or just going for the mass inbox clearance strategy.

Although some people were worried they were being too heavy handed with the delete button.

And prioritising the emails that really matter.

But honestly we’re all just wondering why we agreed to get an email address in the first place.


That’s it we’re turning our phone off.