15/08/2019 10:44 BST

Gemma Collins Did Something On Diva Forever That Truly Redefined 'Oversharing'

We'll never look at a loaf of bread in the same way again.

Look up “oversharing” in the dictionary and you’ll find the definition has now been replaced with a picture of Gemma Collins

She has completely redefined the term after a particularly unsavoury moment in her new reality show, Diva Forever. 

Now, this is the point where we’ll warn you what follows isn’t for the weak of stomach. 

The Essex diva left viewers horrified on Thursday night, as when suffering with an apparent yeast infection, she scratched her nether regions before urging her stylist to then sniff her hand. 

The GC had returned to her hotel room after a day of filming the show when she proclaimed that her “vagina is on fire, man”. 

“Sorry I’ve got to air it. I’ve got to itch it sorry,” she told the cameras. 

“It stinks doesn’t it? It just smells of bread.”

As her stylist, Lucas helpfully offered to get her some ice to calm things down, Gemma replied: “No, I feel like I’m getting an infection.”

Viewers then saw Gemma’s hand disappear up her dress for a scratch, before taking a sniff.

Taking things one step further, she then extended her arm to waft her hand in front of Lucas’ nose.

“It stinks doesn’t it? It just smells of bread,” she said.

Remaining remarkably calm for someone who had just their nasal cavities violated, he responded: “It’s the yeast, we need some Canesten.”

Gemma then turned to the camera crew and asked: “Can we get a runner to go out and get me some Canesten?”

There was then concern it could have been the “cheap knickers” she was wearing that had given her a case of thrush. 

The whole incident left viewers feeling rather unwell... 

The incident took place in the second episode of Gemma’s fly-on-the-wall series, which she landed after her recent stint on Dancing On Ice. 

Diva Forever got off to a controversial start last week when The GC’s behaviour proved to be too rude for some

Gemma Collins: Diva Forever continues next Wednesday at 9pm on ITVBe.