03/02/2019 07:00 GMT

31 Times Gemma Collins Was The Most Ridiculous Human Being On The Planet

She really has earned that divaship.


Thanks to her frequent bust-ups on TOWIE, her ill-fated stint on I’m A Celebrity and her brazen laziness on Celebrity Big BrotherGemma Collins has carved out quite the reputation for herself on reality TV.

And now she has brought her unique GC ways to Dancing On Ice rink, which has served up some unmissable telly moments. 

In honour of Gemma and her well-earned divaship, we’re counting up the times she proved to be suitably ridiculous...

1. She is responsible for single-handedly the best set of paparazzi beach snaps you’ll ever see

2. There’s a lot to be said for how she views the world

3. Her stint on ‘Splash’ was a mixed bag. While it certainly looked like she had the necessary performance skills...

4. ... Once she got on that diving board, it was a very different story

5. ...And despite being on a health regime, she spent a lot of her training session snacking by the pool

6. Before showing off her diving injuries on primetime Saturday night telly...

7. She made this fabulous utterance during a row with Ferne McCann

8. Her appearance on Sky News was nothing short of ICONIC

9. Despite sitting around for the majority of her time in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, it still felt too much like work

10. And the only time she did lift a finger, she put a knife through it

11. So it was of little surprise she turned out to be pretty useless on Celebrity Masterchef

12. She literally gave zero fucks when she was forced to nominate face-to-face

13. She always had an excuse for getting out of any task or punishment

14. And despite having a variety of home comforts in the house, they still weren’t to her standards

15. We also lost count at the number of times she threatened to bust out of the house

16. Who could forget the image of her trotting around the garden with Tony the Shetland pony?

17. Let’s just say she wasn’t one of those housemates who faded into the background

18. She gave us life when she did her best Julie Andrews at the bottom of a hill, wearing a hat

19. Remember time she told James ‘Arg’ Argent she was over him, in no uncertain terms?

20. Or when she decided to tell Mick Norcross how she felt about him by baking him an apple pie?

21. Then there was the time she actually blew two grand on a designer vagina 

22. This spin on a Christmas classic was something only Gemma could do

23. Her I’m A Celebrity helicopter meltdown will always hold a special place in our hearts


24. Almost as good was the time she thought she’d contracted malaria after an unusual trip to the dunny

25. She later quit the show after just three days 

26. After braving the Aussie jungle for a whole three days, you’d think a spot of gentle fly fishing would be a breeze. Turns out not. 

27. That time she stepped out looking like she’d fallen asleep on a sunbed...

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28. Not to mention the time she turned up to the ITV summer party in this little number

29. But more ridiculous than all of these moments put together was... you know what’s coming... the time she fell down a hole while on stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards

30. And we can only admire the way she tried to milk it to get a spot on Strictly 

All will be forgiven if the BBC give me a slot on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ next year.”Gemma Collins

31. At least she had Dancing On Ice to make up for it.... Oh, wait