11/01/2017 12:25 GMT

Gemma Collins Was Typical Gemma Collins On 'Sugar Free Farm'

It wouldn't be January without The GC being ridiculous on a reality show, would it?

Ever since it was announced Gemma Collins was one of the celebrities taking part in ‘Sugar Free Farm’, we’ve been anticipating ridiculous scenes. 

And as the new series kicked off on Tuesday (10 January), Gemma didn’t take long to deliver on our expectations. 

The former ‘TOWIE’ star and dictionary enthusiast didn’t exactly take to farm life, and found herself getting shouted at by a farmer during one particular task. 

Gemma Collins failed to impress on 'Sugar Free Farm'

The GC had been asked to help take some staples out of a fence post, but she seemed pretty reluctant to put her back into it.

Doing everything she could to avoid the task at hand, she wailed: “This is just taking it to a whole new level.”

She then became fascinated by “a lovely little feather” before offering to wash a tractor instead, causing Farmer Greedy to really start losing his cool.

“I want the staples out the post! I don’t know what you’re playing at,” he raged.

“I’m bashing it, I’m bashing,” Gemma insisted, rather unconvincingly. 

 “Well I can’t hear any bashing, and I’m not a million miles away. You’ve got to hit it, I keep telling you.”

Farmer Greedy was less than impressed with Gemma's efforts

Then talking to camera, he concluded: “Her attitude I’m afraid leaves a lot to be desired for a farm.

“We’re here to work, not mess about.”

But despite this, Gemma somehow managed to make it through to week two of the show which, having quit ‘I’m A Celebrity’ after three days in 2014, is quite an achievement for her. 

‘Sugar Free Farm’ continues next Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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