19/04/2016 11:32 BST

Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson Comes Out As Bisexual: 'I Want To Help Others Be Honest About Their Sexuality'

'I already feel better just to say it.'

‘Geordie Shore’ cast member Marnie Simpson has come out as bisexual.

Marnie made the decision to reveal her sexuality in an interview with heat magazine, where she says she’d always “looked at some girls in a different way”, but only “took [her feelings] seriously” a year ago, after a private encounter with a female friend.

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Marnie Simpson

Speaking to heat about making the choice to come out, she said: “I thought, ‘I’m constantly worrying, so why don’t I just come out and say it?’

“I feel it’s empowering to say it myself. I think it could help other girls as well. Me being honest about my sexuality might make others want to be as well.”

She also admitted her coming out had been a difficult decision to make, as she was worried about how her news might be received on social media.

Marnie added: “It’ll be awful - Twitter is horrible. But I thought, ‘fuck it - I’m going to come out and get over this initial anxiety.”

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Marnie with her fellow 'Geordie Shore' cast members Charlotte Crosby, Chloe Etherington and Holly Hagan

The reality star, who was previously in a relationship with Ricky Rayment from ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, shocked her Twitter followers last month, when she posted: “I’m sure I’m bisexual… I kiss as many girls as boys these days”, now admitting this was her way of “planting the seed” before her official coming out.

The reality star has appeared in ‘Geordie Shore’ since its seventh series began in 2013.

Read her full interview in the new issue of heat magazine, on sale now.

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